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Dear Crittergitters,
My dad took us to Indiana Dunes. First we went to the barn we saw three horses,three pigles,two sheep,five hens,two rosters,a dog,and three cats. Then we walk the trail for little bit. Finally we went to Lake Michigan we climb all sand dunes. Then I found strage bricks.



Critter Gitters,

Hi it`s Katelynn. I watch your tv show every moring before school. I have to go now.


Critter Gitters,

My son Sal is 7 years old, and dreams of becoming, a Critter Gitter. I want to let u all know, what a fine job u r doing, in creating such a wholesome family program. I have SkyAngel, and it is a blessing, to me and my son. Keep up the good work.

-Little Sal


Hello I am cindy I am 12 years old and I am French I adore the animals and I would like to be a crittergitter thank you in advance.

thank you

- cindy


Hi i wacth your show all the time i love it i like Nick the best and Angel to she so cute.

I have an idea for a show you could go to Alaska and save a Penguinand then have the Northern Lights in the show too.

Here I am!

Dear Critter Gitters:

I'm going to be a Critter Gitter when I'm 18. I am 7 right now. When I'm a pet rescuer it will sort of be like Critter Gitters, and I need some information about being a pet rescuer. Do you think you can help me?

We have pets named Dino, the dog; White Cloud, Schmitty, Buddy, and Green Budgie are the names of our birds. And the last pet is Sam the cat. Sam is a friendly neighborhood cat.


Elise :)

Here I am!
I promise to be kind and respectful to all animals large and small. Can I be a critter Gitter now? Please come to Florida again so we can save alligators.

-Sue (8 years old)

We love your show and we watch it every day. We have the dvd's and we love the part where the cows run all over the place and it's funny!


Hi, I ocassionally watch the show...and have been since I was little (hehe) I'm not sure how long the show has been on yeh I watch it on Saturdays... it's good, it's got a pretty good plot on the episodes, it's educational, and it actually has kids as the stars...that's cool.

I watch your TV show every saturday and I would like Angel's autograph and Annie Selenas autograph. Thank you.
P.S. I have a hermit crab named Koby.

Hi !
My name is Niki. I'm six years old. I like your show alot! I like your monkey! I can't wait to get your video's and tshirt! I promise to be kind and respectful to all animals large and small! I want to be a CritterGitter! Have a good day!


I saw your show last weekend and I loved it! It was the episode about the white and yellow boa constrictor. I'm glad to see that there is a show like that on tv because children as well as adults need to be educated about animals. Even in this day and age, a lot of people haven't grasped the concept of animal care and respect. Also, even with Animal Planet, there still seems to be many people with a lack of knowledge towards animals.
I love animals more than anything and I know something happens to me when I watch animals on tv and film. And of course, when I am around them. As a child I wanted as many animals I could have. I used to picture my bedroom being in a barn because I wanted to be near them as much as possible! As an adult, I prefer the same! ha-ha!! I like the sounds of God's creatures as oppessed to the sounds of lawn mowers, traffic, and my neighbor's screaming kids.
Anyway, I decided to become a Veterinary Assitant and get a B.A. in Drama because I wanted to work with animals either behind the scenes or on camera. Even though I have these degrees, nothing has happened. I know this isn't the most professional approach but I have been down that road and it hasn't worked. If you could use someone, I would really like to have the opportunity to work on a show I know I'll love. If not, would you please consider using me for just one episode? Thank you for your time.


My children just found your show several months ago and it is our families favorite. They can hardly wait everyday to watch it. We watch it on KTV on our satalite every morning at 9:00.

Thank you,


Dear Trevor,

I think you are cute.I wach your show every
day.What school do you go to?What is your phone number? Where do you

Dear Crittergitters,

I watch your show every day it's the best!!
One of your movies I like on Sattelite is the one with termites under the principals house and when yall forgot to tell yall's
principal to get out of the house and her hair was messed up.
yall thought all of you were in for it big time , but I bet all of you were releafed when all of you figered out that yall's principal just wanted to thank all the crittergitters, also I like the part on yall's show with the turtle 's when that one person fell into the swimming pool,and all of yall had to dive in and save the turtle's.

Dear Annie, I am 12 year old Girl and I was born with cerebral Palsey although I can get around OK. I am slightly mentally delayed but I want to be a critter gitter I watch your show every day and I love it. I promisee to be kind and respectful to all animals large and small. I also Like DR west and Professor Headful. Please take care of Jimmy. That way maybe one day we can go see the chubracarbra together. I love the critter gitters van maybe one day I will grow up and get to ride in it. I would like to go see Mrs. Mcracken. that way we can get the school by 9:00 a.m.. My dad help me write this and he don't spell to good neither can I so please excuse any spelling errors. We love you so much hope to see you soon.

We just wanted to write and let you know how much our children, Kaitlin and Stephanie, age 12 and Kimberly, age 9, love your show.

They too, love to rescue animals. We are never to busy to help an animal in need. I just wish there were more shows on the air such as yours that would teach compassion and respect for all living creatures.

We live in Lake Elsinore, California with all of our pets that we have rescued and have kept.





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