Nick's love of animals and taste for adventure get him into all kinds of crazy trouble, but his clever action hero skills usually get him out of it!

On more than one occasion,his knowledge of physics and theory help the Critter Gitters solve a complicated mystery.
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Professor Headful can be described as a crazy ingenious scientist who creates and designs special gadgets for the Critter Gitters.

Mr. Belcher is a neighborhood character with a perverbial heart of gold who professes to "hate kids."

Bucky is the Critter Gitters' nemesis. He constantly tries to interfere with the CG Crew and has a secret crush on Annie.

Angel is the smartest of the group. She can fix an engine, build a computer, and swing from trees. She comes in handy for those 'hard to reach areas.'

Her biggest strengths are her mental toughness and keen knowledge of animals
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Jimmy always knew that he wanted to be a Critter Gitter. After a lot of hard work, a great attitude, and a mess of fun, he was finally able to become one.

Dr. West is an intuitive veterinarian with over 25 years of experience. There is a great admiration and respect for Dr. West.

Roy is the right hand man of Mr. Belcher.Together, they dream of shutting down the Critter Gitters forever.

Adam is Bobby's brother, who was one of the first Critter Gitters. Bobby has left for college, and now Adam has, reluctantly become the new "wheels" for the Critter Gitter team.

Hannah is a marine biologist and has come to help the Critter Gitters in the absence of their veterinarian friend, Kaitlin Melling, who has left to work in Austrailia.




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