FCC3-Friendly Programming with a TV-G Rating
Quality family entertainment that is fun and exciting and has educational value. A show that kids love and parents feel good about letting them watch and stations love to play.

Non-Violent, Adventurous Format
A show that can be enjoyed by the entire family by stimulating creativity, promoting team work, and showcasing moral dilemmas and social values.

Responsible and Entertaining with Educational Interaction Between Humans and Animals
High tech gadgetry meets Mother Nature, as viewers are brought into amazing adventures in every episode. This is not your average, action animal adventure show. It is live action. This scripted and filmed show combines magical imagination, kid-bent reality, and pro-social content focusing on interaction between kids, adults, and animals.

Target Audience
Boys and girls ages 9-14 with broad appeal to family audiences. But you're never too young or too old to be a Critter Gitter.

Unique Concept
A Search & Rescue animal adventure themed series with an entertaining twist of investigative and detective "super sleuthing" by a group of neighborhood kids, a veterinarian, a marine biologist, a zany professor, and colorful neighborhood characters. Action and stimulating story lines combined with compelling situations along with kids' natural curiosity and a love for animals.

Geographically Diverse
To add variety to the series, episodes haven been produced in Costa Rica, Switzerland, the Florida Everglades, The Great Northwest, East Coast, Mid West... just about everywhere in the USA.

Multi-talented & Diverse Cast
Positive role models that boys and girls of all ages can identify with.

Playing Internationally
65 half-hour episodes. 4 feature length films. On air since 1998. Syndicated nationally and internationally (France, Singapore, Poland, South Africa, Middle East, Turkey). In Pre production on Feature Film for 2005.

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